Sunday, October 5, 2014

Empowered by Younique!

I’m feeling so grateful tonight! A few of you know what Jeremy and I have been going through the last few months but for everyone who doesn’t I‘ve been feeling like I need to share. In July we were informed that financial aid guidelines had changed and because Jeremy was on a full tuition scholarship with the Navy and receives a small monthly stipend we aren't eligible for student loans…AT ALL! Not private student loans, not government student loans.  Now this was a HUGE problem for us as we had planned on living on that (along with Jeremy’s stipend) for the rest of dental school! We looked into getting a personal loan but didn’t qualify because of our low income (which is probably good because we would have to start making monthly payments right away).
For about a month I kept my spirits high thinking everything would work out. Something would come up or we would figure out a way to be able to pay our bills while I stayed home with the boys. Days and weeks past, our lawn mower broke down, some other household items broke, Cade had an expensive visit to the pediatric cardiologist, and attorney fees, court fees, and other fees relating to our adoption just kept coming! At this point I knew we had to do something and began to feel extremely overwhelmed and a little panicky. Jeremy and I decided one of us was going to need to get a job and QUICK! I thought about going back to work but nearly my whole paycheck would go towards daycare. Plus it had taken us over 5 years to finally be blessed with children that the thought of putting them in daycare for most of the day made me sick. Jeremy decided it would be best for him to get a night job. The same weekend he applied he was offered a night audit job at a hotel. It’s definitely not a dream job but it is nice that most nights he can study, watch Netflix or just relax a little. Can I tell you how much I love this man though! He works from 11pm to 7am and then drives straight to dental school and goes to school from 8am to 5pm. He comes home, grabs a bite to eat, goes to sleep for a few hours then gets up and does it again! Not many guys would be willing to do this for their family!
I’m not sure how long he will be able to keep this crazy schedule up so I had been racking my brain as to what I could do to earn a little money from home. I knew my cousin was a Younique presenter and was making pretty good money selling their beauty products so I decided to look into it. Now I have to admit, I was pretty reluctant to even consider this idea because I hate sales, and thought it was just a pyramid scheme. Well I was DEAD wrong! I prayed about it and really felt like this was something I should try. When I got my presenters kit and tried on all the makeup I was so excited! I had never felt so pretty! At least if I had to sell something it was something I instantly fell in love with. I got to “work” hosting my first party and had tremendous success and since have been having great success helping my friends host parties and earn lots of free makeup! I’ve been a presenter for just barely over a month, and have received a promotion, and have made enough money to pay our car payment, our monthly grocery bill, and various other bills! And the best part about it all is it’s FUN! I get paid to play with makeup and be on Facebook! Tonight as I sit here helping my friends with their online parties I just couldn’t help but be so grateful for the prompting I had to look into Younique! I don’t share this story to brag about how awesome I am (because I’m not) but to try to help inspire others who may be in a similar situation.  Younique's mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward. This company has gone from just a makeup company to a lifesaver for my family! A HUGE thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me in this new endeavor and continue to volunteer to host fun online parties! And if you want to learn more about being a Younique presenter or just want to host an online party and earn great hostess rewards let me know! I would LOVE to be able to share the blessing this has been to us with others!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

5 Months Old

Can you believe another month has gone by? Can you believe how much the boys grew in that month?

The boys are continuing to grow and learn and are constantly surprising me with what they can do. They are both happy babies and are really starting to acknowledge each other, smile at one another, and play together. They also love playing in their new exersaucer and Johnny jumpers.
First time in the Johnny Jumpers
This is right after they turned 4 months. I can't believe how much they've grown since then!
Playing together

"Well hello there brother!"
Holding hands

McKay has become A LOT more active (and a lot less content)! He's learned how to throw tantrums and is pretty good at it. ;) Anytime we lay him down he quickly rolls to his tummy, although he still hasn't figured out how to get back to his back. He wasn't a huge fan of being on his tummy so he would roll over, then scream. I would roll him back over and less than 2 seconds later he would roll back over and the cycle would repeat over and over again. He's found his feet and is very intrigued with them. He has also become a lot more vocal about what he wants! He loves my phone and tries to grab it out of my hands anytime he sees it. His fingers are still constantly in his mouth and if you pull them out he'll put his other hand in instead. He also tries to suck his thumb while he's drinking his bottle. He tried rice cereal for the first time and wasn't a big fan. He did think it was a fun game though for me to feed him and for him to spit it back out. We will try again when he's closer to 6 months. He's still our extremely happy baby and is always smiling!
Constantly sucking
A little blurry but such a cute happy face!
Taking a break from fighting crime
McKay tries to roll over Cade
Just couldn't fight sleep any more
First time eating rice cereal
Big blue eyes

Throwing a tantrum because he couldn't figure out how to make the music play. LOL!
Playing with his toes

Cade had a rough 4th month (or maybe it's more accurate to say I had a rough 4th month). :) Cade decided when he turned 4 months old to refuse to nap. Through my research I learned this is very typical for this age and it's called the 4 month sleep regression, but it was still pretty tough. He would take 15-30 minute naps maybe twice a day on a good day. I started taking walks every day with them and sometimes he'd drift off for a few minutes. ***Spoiler Alert*** He's now over this phase and has become our more content laid back baby. Hallelujah! We also were shocked to find out at his 4 month doctors appointment that he had a heart murmur. The doctor tried to assure us that it was probably not a big deal, but that we should go see a pediatric cardiologist just to make sure there wasn't something serious going on. Of course as a mom your mind starts racing with all the horrible things that could be wrong, but I'm happy to report that after an EKG and ultrasound of his heart he is just fine! The murmur is normal and he should grow out of the only other minor thing going on. He will go back to the cardiologist when he's two just to follow up. We are so grateful that it wasn't anything serious and that both of our boys are healthy and happy! Cade is getting close to rolling over but just can't get over his chubby little belly. His legs are constantly kicking and we joke that he's going to run before he walks. He loves being strapped to me as I work around the house, and inspired me to buy the ergo babycarrier so my back didn't break. He's a sweet, happy baby (when he's well rested), and keeps strengthening the muscles in my arms. He's about 18lbs! He's also become a lot more interested in McKay and likes to "talk" with him, smile at him, and steal his toys. LOL
Loves being strapped to mommy
Loves strolling through the house on days when it's too hot to go outside 
A little blurry but check out that chubster!
One of his favorite things to do it play on his playmat
His VERY favorite thing to do is eat! 
Looking like a big boy sitting up on the couch
Enjoying his new exersaucer
Such a handsome little man
Snuggling with his giraffe
 We just love these boys to pieces and are so excited to go finalize our adoption tomorrow morning. After our finalization we can go to the temple and be sealed as a forever family which we are beyond excited about. The court appointed representation for the boys came on Monday for a final home visit and asked a few times whether we understood that after our court date there was no going back; that we would be forever responsible for the boys. Of course we understand that! Since they day they were born and placed in my arms I knew they were mine and loved them with a love I'd never felt before. I'm so grateful for these beautiful boys who made me a mother and bring me so much happiness every day! Happy 5 month birthday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We're 4 months old!

So don't judge me for not posting anything when they turned 3 months. I wanted to, but a last minute trip to California made things a little crazy. (A post full of pictures of our trip to come soon) The day they turned 3 months old they went on their second trip on an airplane to meet all the Welge family in Sacramento. My sister Jessica was even able to come out from Utah that week with her two girls. It was so much fun being able to introduce the boys to all their cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, and everyone in between. Of course everyone loved them! How could they not? Have you seen these cute boys?!?
The boys at the airport on their way to California. This was their actual 3 month birthday.
Now the boys are 4 months old! They have grown and learned so much in the last month it's pretty crazy! Both boys can sit up in their Bumbo seats, reach for toys, blow raspberries (AKA spit) and stand and support their weight (with our help obviously). They both have discovered their voices and coo and squeal most of the day. Cade is a coo-er and McKay is a squealer (which Cade doesn't always appreciate). LOL! They also both giggle a lot and are super smiley.

McKay remains our extremely happy and easy going baby. He loves music and having mom and dad sing to him. Since learning that he wants to be swaddled when he sleeps he now is a great napper, although he's still waking up on average twice a night. He also loves snuggling with blankets and sucking on as many fingers as he can fit in his mouth at once. He is a very sweet baby who always tries to hold Cade's hand, and gets concerned anytime Cade cries.

Cade is a little more feisty and headstrong, but is all smiles if he's well rested and just eaten. He gets very upset when his bottle runs out and thinks he should be able to eat 24/7. :) Cade loves books, especially Dr. Seuss, and his favorite for me to read is Green Eggs and Ham. He loves playing with his toys, going outside, and being around a lot of people. He had been sleeping through the night but lately has been waking up when McKay cries.
This basically sums up their personalities! HAHAHA But after a nap and more food he was happy again and we were able to get the picture above.
Here are some of our favorite pictures over the last month (I tried to upload videos but it wouldn't work)

McKay is constantly trying to eat Cade

McKay has the cutest stretches

McKay LOVES his froggy toy
I know I'm only supposed to post happy pictures but this pic of McKay melting down because I had to leave him for a minute to use the restroom just makes me laugh.
Big blue eyes!
Playing peek-a-boo with his blanket
First time in his Bumbo
Chillin' with his shades on
Happy little boy with his thumb and his blanket

Even super heros need naps!
Pre-bedtime snuggles with daddy
Reading the warning labels in brother's bassinet

REALLY interested in those warning labels

It's a rare occurrence that he actually falls asleep in my arms. He must have just played too hard!

Realizing that he can sit up with just a little help 
I finally have hair enough to style
Just chillin'
Hanging out in my bumbo with my toys
Cade with one of his favorite books 
Always trying to sneak a peek at the TV
They never smile if they see my camera so I had to be sneaky for this one
We are just so grateful for these boys! We feel so blessed that they are healthy and happy and love them so much. Here's to another month of FUN!

Monday, June 2, 2014

2 Months Old

I can't believe our little guys are two months old already!
Do you realize how difficult it is to get a good picture of two babies? (Cade's on the left, McKay's on the right)
They have been growing and changing like crazy over the last month! My favorite development of theirs in their adorable smiles. They've also been sleeping at night a lot better. In fact, last night McKay slept for a 6 hour stretch and Cade slept for 9 hours!!! Hallelujah! I know that might have been a fluke but Cade's been sleeping really good for a week now so we have hope.

We just love our boys so much! Here are some fun facts about each boy...

He is 10 lbs 7 oz (7%) and 22.7" tall (28%)
Loves his bouncer
Is a morning bird
Has the cutest snort when he cries
Loves to snuggle
Is super smiley
Can get his arms out of any swaddle
Likes to have his right fist up by his face
Is really laid back

He is 13 lbs 11 oz (77%) and 23.8" tall (79%)
Is a night owl (Notice how McKay is a morning bird. Not a good combo)
Is constantly moving and grunting
Likes to be swaddled to sleep
Will copy facial expressions, especially sticking out his tongue
Giggles in his sleep
Loves to eat and thinks he's hungry any time he's awake
Loves to go outside

Here are some of my favorite pics of each of the boys over the last month:
The boys on Memorial Day
Hanging out after church
The look he gives me when I put him down and start to walk away.
My smiley boy! Notice the bottom left - He loves to have that hand up by his face
Bath time! Love those big blue eyes!
He makes the funniest faces! 
Morning smiles after sleeping 7 hours straight for the first time!

Bath time! Look at that chunk!
 Happy two month birthday boys! Mommy and Daddy love you like crazy!!!